Published On: Thu, Sep 18th, 2014

Dell software study: organizations not well prepared for security threats

Dell has revealed the findings of a global security of leading public and private sector security. Dell conducted an independent technology market research, during the process a total of 1440 interviews were undertaken globally, out of which 200 interviews were conducted in India.

Dell software study

The survey reveals that, in India 25.5% organizations spend on the IT segment. In public sector the spending account to 24.7% while in private sector it is 25.9%. In the past one year the 85% of the organizations have increased spending in the education/training of employees. There are 75% of the organizations that have increased spending in completing security risk assessment. Along with this, there are  71% of the organizations that have increased spending on hardware and 65% of organizations have increased spending on creating a response plan.

The survey suggests that 65% of the organizations have increased reliance on internet browser based apps. On the other hand, 42% respondents chose increased use of mobile devices while 56% voted for increased use of cloud and the growth in “big data” and 28% of organizations voted for threats that are yet unknown. Moreover, there are 27% of organizations were able to take immediate action once a breach had been discovered and 26% took 1-4 hours while 20% of them took up to 24 hours. There are also 32% of organizations said that over the last 12 months, the security breaches have cost their organization approximately US$10, 0001 – 100,000.

Speaking about the survey, Murli Mohan, General Manager, Dell Software said, “It is surprising to discover that the organizations are not well-prepared for the various unknown security threats that can have serious implications for their business. According to our study, a majority of companies seem to be ignorant of the security hazards that are growing at an alarming rate and can easily evade detection.  It is high-time companies realize the urgency to address these threats by opting for a fool-proof framework combining the enterprise network that provides deep threat prevention”.

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Dell software study: organizations not well prepared for security threats