Published On: Sat, Jun 14th, 2014

Ixia brings together 400GbE Test Platform


Ixia has unveiled 400Gb/s Higher Speed Ethernet test solution that will allow its users to meet the growing bandwidth requirements of the data network.

The Company claims that “it has successfully completed the industry’s first 400GbE interoperability test with Ciena, a global provider of open, programmable networking platforms and software.”

The 400GbE jumpstart Test system delivered wire rate packet generation/reception at 400Gb/s. By demonstrating this ability, Ixia is assisting the market to deliver a standard for 400GbE.

Since the approval of the 100 GB/s Ethernet standard, worldwide network traffic and bandwidth demand continues to witness colossal growth.

The IEEE P802.3bs Task Force is concentrating on the new 400GbE standard empowering high-bandwidth solutions aimed at web-scale data centers, following video distribution infrastructures, service providers and new applications areas.

The newest standard is anticipated to reach data-transfer speeds of 400Gb/s, which is fast enough for 50,000 simultaneous High Definition Netflix video streams.

Dependence on networking permeates every aspect of today’s connected world, and bandwidth requirements ranging from local area, data center, access and metropolitan area networks are snowballing at double-digit rates. As technologies as for instance; cloud computing and streaming video necessitate larger and faster data centers, equipment manufacturers must advance beyond from 100 Gb/s capabilities to retain the pace.

The Ixia 400GbE Jumpstart Test System is a developer tool kit to aid network equipment manufacturers shorten development and test time, accelerating pre-standard 400GbE networking hardware. Now patrons have the ability to create, test and validate the interoperability of their next Higher Speed Ethernet technologies while maximizing their 400GbE test investment.

Key features of the 400GbE Jumpstart Test System takes account of wire rate packet generation at 400Gb/s below the minimum and above the maximum Ethernet frame sizes.


“Networks are evolving and growing rapidly, which means that we have to be proactive in developing quality products that help construct the networks of the future,” alleged Roger Carroll, Senior Director, Hardware Engineering at Ciena. Informing that – “Ixia’s continued leadership in offering first-to-market high-capacity Ethernet test solutions enables us to develop next-generation network systems.”

“Networks are under increasing strain while expectations of uptime and speed are growing, and 400GbE technologies will quickly become a critical part of the network’s backbone,” held John D’Ambrosia, Ethernet Alliance Chairman of the Board of Directors, and IEEE 802.3bs task force chair. Supplementing that – “Development for these solutions must happen long before 400GbE becomes standard, and Ixia’s development of the industry’s first 400GbE testing program will prove vital in ensuring equipment manufacturers can meet the needs of next-generation networks.”

“In an exceedingly competitive market, equipment manufacturers must deliver increasingly higher-speed networking solutions.  We’re committed to providing the solutions our customers need to develop test and validate the networking technologies of the future,” stated Errol Ginsberg, Chairman of the Board and Acting Chief Executive Officer of Ixia. Furthering that – “Ixia developed the world’s first 40 and 100GbE test platforms, now with 400GbE; we continue to lead the industry in creating the solutions that enable the network to work every time and everywhere.”

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Ixia brings together 400GbE Test Platform