Published On: Tue, Jun 10th, 2014

ZTE patronises New-fangled, Strategic Mission to Expedite Mobile-ICT Transition


ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”), a global source for telecommunications equipment, besides network solutions and mobile devices, today delineated the company’s new-fangled strategic mission to be able to assist clienteles and associates embrace the eon of Mobile-ICT at the ZTE Global Analysts Conference in Shanghai.

Under the company’s new Enabler@M-ICT strategy, ZTE endeavours to be able to afford augmented quality of life as well as higher productivity to customers by way of focusing on providing world-class novelties in four key spaces, viz: smart-pipes, followed by mobile devices, cloud-based services, in addition to big data infrastructure systems. The Enabler@M-ICT strategy efficaciously fuses ZTE’s industry-leading assets in the verticals entailing telecommunications, enterprise ICT and terminal devices to be able to bring about greater value for patrons together with partners in the Mobile-ICT era of seamless service convergence and greater than before user interactivity.

“The Mobile-ICT era represents a big opportunity for ZTE, as we leverage our strengths in telecommunications, enterprise ICT and terminal devices to drive innovations that will enable consumers and businesses globally to access information and applications more dynamically than ever before,” alleged Dr. Zhao Xianming, Chief Technology Officer at ZTE.

By means of standing tall as a global front-runner in 4G infrastructure space besides optical networks, and developer of proprietary solutions such as Cloud Radio, ZTE is positioned to provide the industry’s highest-performance smart-pipe infrastructures and systems, powering innovations in core bearer networks and access networks. ZTE will make stronger efforts to be able to advance technologies for cloud-based services systems as for instance IPTV and Smart City, along with Data Center, followed by storage, virtualization besides additional big data infrastructure solutions.

In regard to terminal devices, ZTE is all game in building smartphones and devices that will go on to offer consumers superior user experience and performance worldwide, empowering them to be able to discover the possibilities and influence of the Mobile-ICT era.

In fiscal 2014, ZTE restructured the company’s maneuvers into three primary business groups and divisions that goes on to read as, viz: Operator Solutions, followed by Enterprise Business and Mobile Devices. The novel organizational structure allows ZTE to implement the Enabler@Mobile-ICT strategy braced by way of increased operational agility besides executional efficacy.

ZTE’s Operator Solutions Business Group will focus on serving larger-sized markets and geographic regions, assisting operators innovate in the new services space and business models. Building on fresh developments in managed services operations, such as the multi-year network management contract with E-Plus Group in Germany, ZTE will focus on growing its offerings in services in order to make available increased value and cost-effectiveness with regard to the Operator Solutions business.

ZTE Enterprise Business will focus on offering industry-leading solutions in the direction of key target industry verticals together with transportation, followed by energy, public utilities, financial and Internet, building on the company’s industry-leading technologies as for instance Smart City and U-Safety.

ZTE Mobile Devices will focus on user-centric advances cleaved in the space involving smartphones, tablets as well as wearable devices that will carry a more rewarding and intuitive experience to consumers under the aegis of the Smart 2.0 strategy. ZTE from its barrio will step up efforts to be able to develop user software and applications to complement the company’s excellence in hardware design and offer an integrated experience for the Mobile-ICT era.

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ZTE patronises New-fangled, Strategic Mission to Expedite Mobile-ICT Transition