Published On: Fri, Oct 10th, 2014

Verizon enters into partnership with General Electronics


Verizon and General Electronics have teamed up in order to expand the strength of industrial internet. As per the deal, GE’s software-enabled machines and devices to connect to Verizon’s machine-to-machine connectivity and cloud platforms to create a secure wireless communications system for the Industrial Internet.

Speaking about the partnership, Mark Bartolomeo, head of IoT Connected Solutions Verizon, said, “The potential for transforming industries — including rail, aviation, energy and healthcare, as well as society as we know it — is tremendous, and yet the Internet of Things is a nascent, complex and fragmented market. Driving adoption requires broadening alliances across the ecosystem. We look forward to using the power of our network and cloud platforms to enhance our long-standing relationship with GE so that together we can create new business models across the Industrial Internet to meet the increasingly complex demands of customers.”

On the other hand, Bill Ruh, vice president and corporate officer, GE Software, said, “The rise of the Industrial Internet is taking place through the convergence of advanced computing, analytics, sensors and new levels of connectivity. As the center of today’s connected world, Verizon is not only an enabler, but an essential catalyst for delivering compelling solutions for the Industrial Internet that will drive business and societal innovation.”

The companies are also planning to introduce a single global SIM (subscriber identity module) for global connectivity.

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Verizon enters into partnership with General Electronics