Published On: Wed, Jun 11th, 2014

ZTE efficaciously maintains top Position in Asia Pacific Video-Conferencing Market


ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”), source for telecommunications equipment, network solutions as well as mobile devices, has gone on to retain its position as the No. 1 vendor in the video-conferencing market space in Asia Pacific after sustaining prompt growth in terms of revenue and shipments, as stated by data courtesy; Wainhouse Research.

ZTE remained the top vendor by way of 26% of the video-conferencing market in Asia Pacific by means of revenue in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013, as stated by data from Wainhouse. ZTE augmented its market share from 23% in the previous quarter founded on data from Wainhouse Research, a consulting and market research company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts that majors in the unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) market.

“ZTE is committed to helping enterprises leverage the most advanced video-conferencing technologies to collaborate and communicate intelligently,” alleged Qian Mi, General Manager of UC&C Products at ZTE. Informing that – “Our market-leading position in video-conferencing is a recognition of ZTE’s advanced research and development capabilities in this area.”

Ever since fiscal 2013, ZTE has coxswained the global video-conferencing industry in regard to innovation, débuting the video-conferencing terminal that supports H.265, the TelePresence T900 that supports the four-channel high-definition 1080P/60FPS, and the first intelligent video-conferencing terminal ET700.

The company from its barrio offers customized solutions to be able to meet the necessities entailing small to medium sized enterprises, along with products designed for augmented enterprise mobility. ZTE is also proactively shepherding research in the space involving cloud-based video-conferencing technologies.

Worldwide, ZTE engages an additional 1,000 technical experts in video-conferencing systems across the company’s 18 R&D centers across the world. ZTE has been building advanced video-conferencing systems from the time when arriving in the market in 1994, and holds more than 150 related patents.

In fiscal 2013, ZTE from its end has experienced rapid growth in the video-conferencing market in Asia Pacific, doubling up its revenue market share between the first quarter and the fourth quarter, as stated by data from Wainhouse Research. Worldwide, ZTE stood as the third-highest-ranked video-conferencing vendor, based on data from the analyst firm.

ZTE’s integrated multimedia video-conferencing solutions are arrayed by clienteles in a varied range of applications together with administration, followed by commerce, remote education, remote medicine, collaborative office, disaster relief, emergency command besides guarantee services.

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ZTE efficaciously maintains top Position in Asia Pacific Video-Conferencing Market