Published On: Wed, Aug 6th, 2014

UST Global develops Android application for Thiruvananthapuram police

UST GlobalUST Global the benefactor of IT services and solutions has developed an all new innovative mobile application for Thiruvananthapuram city. The application is launched by the city’s Police commissioner and is introduced in order to improve the quality of service given to the public. It is a free app and will guide the people about all the rules and regulations.

The app will help in creating awareness among the people about the various traffic rules, penalties and report any violations of laws they encounter. Moreover, it will also allow the users people to connect emergency services like control room, ambulance, hospitals and fire service in and around Trivandrum city. Along with this it will also guide them to the nearest police station from their present location at the time of any crises.

Some of the important features of the app includes, traffic violations and respective fines to be paid, report an offence with image, emergency numbers, map of Police Stations in Trivandrum, road safety measures, speed Limit in City. Apart from this, the app will also give traffic alerts, other alerts to the public from the police and integration with WhatsApp. One can download the app from the official website of the Trivandrum City Police.

The app is presently available only on Android and is developed by the Apple Tree Team at UST Global’s team.

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UST Global develops Android application for Thiruvananthapuram police