Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014

Telefonica all set to partner with RedHat, Intel


Telefonica from its barrio has revealed plans to work with Red Hat as well as Intel to be able to create a virtual infrastructure management (VIM) platform founded on open-source software running on standard Intel-based servers.

This development from its corresponding end will become a share of Telefonica’s freshly created Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Reference Lab for assisting their ecosystem of partners in addition to network equipment providers (NEPs) test as well as advance virtual network functions together braced with upper service orchestration layers.

Contemporary telecommunications networks, consisting of a mélange of closed hardware appliances besides ad hoc equipment, are emerging as what may be called as a constraint for innovation in an all the time more digital as well as network-centric world. In order to rise above this situation at the offing, telecommunications industry frontrunners, as a segment of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) NFV Industry Specification Group, are involved at work so as to be able to define the common framework architecture for network services founded on standard virtualized commercial standard hardware managing the network functions in software.

Enrique Algaba, Network Innovation and Virtualization Director – Telefonica I+D-Global CTO, purported that, “For NFV, we need to avoid closed and non-interoperable environments, which would hamper its widespread adoption. For that purpose, we have launched the Network Functions Virtualization Reference Lab, where Telefónica, along with key players from the industry, is working to enhance baseline virtualization technologies from the open-source community and contributing them back to the upstream community, to avoid technological fragmentation.”

This fresh approach can torque lessen operational costs; provide a more open ecosystem to make it easier for telecommunications providers to familiarize and swell services as well as prop up interoperability. Telefonica from its part will work with Red Hat as well as Intel to be able to create a solution founded on open-source standards to aid preclude fragmentation and lock-in but then again simultaneously maintaining the level of performance coupled with resilience which communications service providers (CSPs) and the fraternity have come to anticipate from their existing hardware-centric solutions.

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Telefonica all set to partner with RedHat, Intel