Published On: Fri, Jun 6th, 2014

WD goes on board World Environment Day 2014 braced with Tree Plantation, Paperless Drive


WD, a Western Digital company besides being a source for connected storage solutions, endorsed its pledge to the environment on the event of World Environment Day by way of planting up to 1,000 trees in Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, it boosted its patrons, associates and friends to spread awareness and pledge their support via WD’s Facebook page on this August occasion.


WD’s World Environment Day creativities will start onboard its Facebook page through a special application that peps up Facebook friends to make a promise en route for creating a suitable environment, and pool in their ideas as to how to go green.


On behalf of every promise being made, WD will go on to plant a tree in Malihabad (by means of a maximum number of 1,000 trees approximately) in August 2014. To succor with the planting endeavours and maintenance entailing planted trees, WD has tied up with JAZZ, an NGO kick started courtesy; Ms. Jaazbia Khan, a Lucknow-based school student.


The NGO from its barrio embraces land areas which are arid and assists organizations with tree-plantation efforts. The tree plantation enterprises will aid in restoring the exhausted water table in the region even though, correspondingly, generating employment opportunities aimed at the local youth.

Speaking about the initiative, Subroto Das, WD’s sales director India commented, “The tree-plantation drive and the awareness campaign is a part of WD’s commitment towards the environment. We wish to encourage our customers and partners to make eco-friendly choices, and join us in our attempt to contribute to a greener world.  We thank all the volunteers who are a part of this initiative, and are trying to improve and sustain the environment in their surroundings.”

As a share of its drive, WD will likewise prop up the fraternity of resellers to be able to undertake eco-friendly practices. Resellers from their end will be given money plants as gifts in addition to special leaflets made of eco-friendly material underlining tips on contributing towards a greener environment.

The cognizance drive from its quarter will be stretched in the direction of key traffic signals involving places like Delhi, followed by Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai as well as Hyderabad where volunteers from their part will appeal to motorists in order to turn off their ignition engines while not in use simultaneously handing out leaflets crafted out of eco-friendly material that highlight attainable means to be able to ‘Go Green’.

In order to bolster environment friendly practices in the midst of its own employees, WD India office will also observe a ‘Go Paperless’ initiative, in which paper will be absent as far as printers/copiers are taken into account for a week-long period, although will only be made available in completely critical situations.

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WD goes on board World Environment Day 2014 braced with Tree Plantation, Paperless Drive