Published On: Wed, Jun 25th, 2014

Kaspersky Lab’s survey indicates 18% targeted attacks in Government and Defense sector


Kaspersky Lab conducted a survey in partnership with B2B international, which highlights the types of internal and external security risks encountered by various businesses across variety of industries. The survey shows that 18% organisations in the Government and Defense sector reported one targeted attack within past 12 months. Along with this there are other sectors as well which reported higher degree of attacks. For instance, in the Telecommunications industry 17% businesses reported targeted attacks. Moreover, the Financial Services and Transportation and Logistics sector revealed that they faced 16% targeted attacks in past one year.

Apart from this, 94% companies encountered at least one-externally sourced data security incident in the past one year. The types of attacks include phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, and theft of mobile devices. The companies lost 28% of the sensitive business data because of these attacks. The survey further suggests that the total data stolen through targeted attacks is less as compared to the one lost because of malware attacks. On an average 16% businesses report malware attacks which are higher than the ones which report targeted attacks. Conversely speaking the data stolen through targeted attacks is more valuable to the hackers and would cause long tern damage to the company.

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The targeted attacks contain malicious components which operate in tandem to bypass an organisations security measures, infect machines and steal sensitive data. Kaspersky lab provides unique insight about these targeted attacks and also how one should deal with them. The survey also highlights that the rate of targeted attacks is set to ascend further as well, as it has already increased to 12 % from 9%. The result of the survey is published in Kaspersky Lab’s 2014 IT Security Risks summary report.

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Kaspersky Lab’s survey indicates 18% targeted attacks in Government and Defense sector