Published On: Sat, Jun 28th, 2014

Kaspersky Lab granted patent for technology that detect threats in IT infrastructure

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Kaspersky Lab has been granted patent 8739285 by the United States Patent and Trademark office for a technology which detects threats in corporate IT infrastructure without compromising on the confidential information. Kaspersky Lab has developed a new technology which allows corporate administrators to sift through the content sent for analysis and prevent potentially infected data from leaking. This technology works by assimilating the security solution’s components into the corporate IT infrastructure and collecting metadata. Metadata is information that makes it possible to investigate the characteristics of the data without directly accessing the data itself.

“Companies working with sensitive data become hostages of their privacy – by protecting valuable information from disclosure they expose it to other dangers. But malware infects all files regardless of whether it’s secret or non-secret. It is usually safe to transmit at least part of the infected files for verification, and that enables Kaspersky Lab’s technology to detect the threat and find an appropriate solution without having to access confidential resources,” said Alexey Polyakov, Head of the Global Emergency Response Team at Kaspersky Lab.

The technology is already incorporated into Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8.0 for Windows and Kaspersky Endpoint Data Protection Edition (Endpoint 10). At present, the Kaspersky Lab has 213 patents issued in Russia, China, European Union and United States. Along with this 217 patent applications are under consideration in these countries.

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Kaspersky Lab granted patent for technology that detect threats in IT infrastructure