Published On: Wed, Jun 25th, 2014

Hitachi Data Systems expands the Hitachi Content Platform


Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS) has unveiled a new set of technologies in the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) portfolio. These new technologies are designed to meet the demands businesses are placing on their respective IT organisations. The various demands include the need for extended workforce mobility, and increased productivity from anywhere, anytime and from any device. The HCP portfolio incorporates the ability to tier data to a public cloud without sacrificing visibility or control of data. This new portfolio consists of HCP, Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere), and Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI).

With this new release HCP introduces adaptive cloud tiering, this will enable organisations to intelligently move their data to and from a choice of public clouds from Google Amazon and Microsoft based on changes in demand and policies set by the organization. This will further allow the IT to create a secure hybrid cloud which will have the keys to true cloud mobility and complete with a balanced approach to security and cost. With the help of the additional attributed of  HCP Anywhere and HDI, all user-oriented file services can be delivered in the most user-friendly way possible to balance the security and governance requirements of IT. This will help in getting the data synchronized across multiple active sites and will also improve the productivity.

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The HCP anywhere acts as a single point of control for the user to sync and share office files and services. As a result of this the mobile workforces can be productive in almost any setting, whether it’s in different company locations with roaming home directories, or any point in between, with file sync and share. Brian Householder, chief operating officer, Hitachi Data Systems said, “For today’s IT organization, it’s critical to deliver technology strategies and solutions in tight alignment with business priorities. We recognize that at HDS, and it’s something we call Business-Defined IT. Today’s increasingly disparate and mobile workforces require trusted data mobility from the data center to the cloud, across a diverse array of devices, machines, sensors and other IP-enabled data sources. Hitachi Content Platform is the most tightly integrated, seamless and secure data mobility offering available today.”

The Hitachi Content Platform portfolio is designed on the most secure storage solution present in the market. This single platform consists of archive, backup free and hybrid cloud storage for diverse users and applications. The HCP portfolio will allow the cloud services and IT organisations to easily store, share, synchronize, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data from a single system.

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Hitachi Data Systems expands the Hitachi Content Platform