Published On: Sat, Jul 12th, 2014

HGST reveals shipment of 10K hard drives for enterprise


HGST has revealed that the company has shipped the 10K RPM hard drive with highest capacity and performance. Named as Ultrastar C10K 1800 is based on the high quality design of the company and a 2.5-inch compact form factor. This ultra -class device comes with high capacity and improvement in both random write and sequential performance. Along with this it is also capable of storing critical applications which can be required 24×7.

The device is the result of the increased demands from the consumers. Of late it has been seen that demand for enterprise storage solutions has increased, the companies want storage solutions that are cost effective and also improves efficiency. It is true that solid state drives (SSDs) and 15K HDDs are clear cut solution and they also come with high performance. But the users are asking for 10K HDDs because of its better $/GB metrics.

Brendan Collins, Vice President, Product Marketing, HGST states that customers need solutions to improve the data center space and power efficiencies. We have provided them with Ultrastar because it is capable of providing optimal balance of capacity, performance and cost. We expect our customers to use the Ultrastar C10K1800 with a complement of SSDs and 15K performance HDDs in tiered pools of storage.

The all new Ultrastar is backed by field-proven technologies and is skilled enough to handle the task given to it properly and without any hassle. Apart from this it also comes with five years of manufacturer’s warranty. The product is the addition to HGST’s enterprise class product family and the company aims to attain further growth with this.

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HGST reveals shipment of 10K hard drives for enterprise