Published On: Fri, Mar 7th, 2014

Brocade’s SDN headship with OpenFlow 1.3 Support across IP Routing


Outspreading the enterprise’s headship and evolutionary approach to Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Brocade has declared support for OpenFlow 1.3 across its IP portfolio of routing and switching products. A key component of the enterprise’s comprehensive SDN strategy, the extension of OpenFlow support from the Brocade MLXe and CER/CES product families to the Brocade ICX and VDX switch families empowers clienteles to attain new agility and programmability across the network – Ranging from the data center to the campus to the wide area network (WAN).

Although earlier versions of OpenFlow are widely arrayed among Research and Education Networks (RENs) and other early adopters, OpenFlow 1.3 affords a richer feature set required for commercial and enterprise networks to address complex network behaviour and optimize performance for dynamic SDN applications. These features take account of Quality of Service (QoS), Q-in-Q, Group Tables, Active-Standby Controller, IPv6 and more.

“Brocade’s commitment to SDN is clear in the significant contributions to the technical leadership of the Open Networking Foundation and OpenFlow,” alleged Curt Beckmann, Chair of Forward Abstraction Working Group (FAWG) at ONF and Principal Architect at Brocade. Volumnising that – “The real payoff of Brocade’s standards work comes as we provide deployable and compelling SDN solutions. Our latest example is the Flow-Aware Real-Time SDN Analytics OpenFlow application, for which Brocade has been named a finalist as part of the Open Networking Summit’s SDN Idol competition.”

As service providers and enterprises begin the Tech – Odyssey en route for SDN, they must endure to support their present mode of operation, for both economic and operational reasons. Braced with the industry’s only true OpenFlow Hybrid Port Mode offering, Brocade delivers customers with a pragmatic and efficient transition, qualifying interworking between SDN and non-SDN networks. Proficient of running OpenFlow forwarding on the same physical infrastructure as customary networking protocols, Brocade OpenFlow-enabled products allow customers to apply SDN for fresh capabilities while simultaneously persisting support to standing network services. The upshot is an evolutionary rollout of SDN shorn of an expensive “forklift” replacement of equipment.


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Brocade’s SDN headship with OpenFlow 1.3 Support across IP Routing