Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

Xilinx largesse industry’s first high performance DDR4 memory solution

XilinxSAN JOSE, USA: Xilinx Inc. from its barrio went on to announce the availability of the industry’s first high performance DDR4 memory solution aimed at All Programmable UltraScale devices running at 2400 Mb/s.

Built on an ASIC-class architecture, the UltraScale devices support massive I/O and memory bandwidth with dramatic power and latency reduction. Xilinx’s robust memory solutions facilitate acceleration of design schedules and take account of the DDR4 interface among others.

The novel DDR4 memory interface in UltraScale devices delivers more than 1 Tb/s of memory bandwidth to handle the massive data flow, fast processing, and enormous memory requirements of leading-edge, next-generation system designs in key applications such as video imaging and processing, traffic management, and high-performance computing.

Applications from their quarter will witness a reduction in read latency by 30 percent and significant power savings at the same data rate by going from a DDR3 to DDR4 interface. Even more compelling, clienteles can now realize a 30 percent improvement in data rate while also benefiting from a 20 percent decrease in power when moving from DDR3 at 1866 Mb/s to DDR4 at 2400 Mb/s.

These DDR4 memory interfaces are tested over stressful system conditions such as varying voltage and temperature, system-induced jitter, and with difficult data patterns, to ensure operating margin for real system deployment. Compliant with the JESD79-4 DDR4 SDRAM standard, Xilinx’s SelectIO interface helps ensure the greatest timing margin. To be able to guarantee optimal signal integrity, the I/O technology includes transmit pre-emphasis, receive equalization, low jitter clocks, and noise isolation design techniques.

“To enable customer design work with state-of-the-art memory solutions today, Xilinx is delivering high-performance DDR4 interfaces now, while leading PC manufacturers will just begin their rollouts, at lower line rates, later this year,” alleged Dave Myron, senior director of FPGA product management and marketing at Xilinx.

Supplementing that – “Customers today continue to require increased memory bandwidth to support large, data-intensive applications,” held Robert Feurle, Micron’s VP of DRAM marketing. Volumnising that – “Through our strong partnership with Xilinx, Micron’s DDR4 memory technology and Xilinx’s UltraScale devices work together to provide market-leading solutions for our mutual customers.”


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Xilinx largesse industry’s first high performance DDR4 memory solution