Published On: Sat, Jul 12th, 2014

Amazon Web Services unveils Amazon Zocalo enterprise service

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services has revealed its Amazon Zocalo service designed for secure enterprise storage and sharing. The service consists of strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities, which help the user to improve productivity. The service will enable the customers to store, share and collect feedback regarding documents, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, images, PDFs and all the other types of text files.

The Amazon Zocalo will provide the users with a secure and controlled way through which they can easily share their documents and files. Along with this the user can use the service on different devices like laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets. It also enables the user to incorporate the already existing corporate directories and also properly control the location where the entire data is saved. The service comes with a monthly charge, which is not very high and allows the users to have a secured and controlled way of sharing their valuable data.

Noah Eisner, General Manager, Amazon Zocalo at Amazon Web Services says, “Customers have told us that they’re fed up with the cost, complexity, and performance of their existing old guard enterprise document and collaboration management tools. AWS was increasingly being asked to provide enterprise storage and sharing tool that was easy to use, allowed users to quickly collaborate with others, and met the strict security needs of their organizations. That’s what Amazon Zocalo was built to do.”

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Amazon Web Services unveils Amazon Zocalo enterprise service