Published On: Wed, Apr 30th, 2014

RDP Workstations Pvt Ltd.’s High end thin client with 5 distinct features

RDP Workstations

RDP Workstations Pvt Ltd., India’s fastest growing thin clients company providing thin client solutions to Small, medium & large business houses at very economical prices. Braced with over 16 years of experience in Server Based Computing and Virtualization technologies, it considers its claim to fame in being a pioneer in thin client’s landscape having 35000 satisfied users across India and abroad.

Thin clients from their part are cost effective and alternative to PC’s. It largely depends on host computer to fulfill its computational roles. It improves maintenance and security due to central administration of the hardware and software in the servers. Thin clients come without fans and rotating hard drives therefore they are much more reliable than PCs and increase the overall availability of IT. Thin clients can reduce electricity consumption by up to 90% compared with PCs.

5 distinct features of XL-500

1.  Hyper threading technology: HT technology allows each microprocessor core to execute two software threads at the same time.  With this groundbreaking technology XL -500 works more efficiently compare to normal processors

2.  Commercial grade hardware component: XL-500 uses highest quality Commercial grade hardware components. Commercial grade offers a much enhanced performance, highly reliable and longer durable.

3.  Three years Burnt Warranty: XL-500 comes with three year burnt warranty first of its kind in India on thin clients landscape. Keeping in view of voltage fluctuations in Indian RDP introduced burnt warranty on device.

4.  One click support: It is RDP’s innovative idea to assist the customers in a better way with a single click from their desktop. With this consumers can directly get the support through chat or through remote assistance.

5.  Green Computing: XL-500 Consumes just 16 watts and  doesn’t have any moving components so MTBF of XL-500 is 2 million hours and produces no noise, less emission of carbon dioxide and emits less heat. XL-500 is eligibility to run 24X7.

XL-500 is truly versatile, and can be used as

1.   As high end thin client device – protocols above RDP 7.1 / free RDP 1.0 leverages Local Hardware Resources for providing Rich & Seamless Desktop Experience – So, Better the Local Hardware-Better the Performance.

2.  As Mini PC/Individual PC – to run most of the productivity applications – Office Suite, ERP/CRM, Browser Based applications, Accounting Packages – the computing power is ample.

3.  As Virtualization Ready – easily bendable to use under any kind of VDI environments – Citrix, VMware, hyper-V, remote FX etc

XL-500 is registered trade mark of RDP | XL-500 is CE and RoHS Certified

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RDP Workstations Pvt Ltd.’s High end thin client with 5 distinct features