Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2014

ILANTUS introduces Hosting Express


New Delhi: ILANTUS, a primary provider of Identity and Access Management solutions today announced that  Hosting Express, a next generation hosted IAM solution and a robust alternative to traditional deployments, has been launched at the IBM Pulse 2014 event, in Las Vegas on February 23, Fiscal 2014. A comprehensive suite, ILANTUS Hosting Express goes on to empower organizations to be able to take control of IAM challenges cost-effectively, quickly, and with ease.

Enterprises from their quarter are dealing with the intricacies of IAM technology, which have usually resulted in high rate of failure as regards traditional IAM projects. Several enterprises are stuck in a deployment and post deployment management quagmire comprising technology complexity, high cost and employee attrition. In addition most organizations have the intersection of IAM and adoption of cloud, SaaS models, social identities, BYOD and mobile on their mind. Within a globalized world, remote workforce is proliferating. Ensuring access to applications for these remote workforces is a topmost priority for the organizations. Emerging advancements like Internet of Things (IoT) will only further complicate the design of an IAM solution.

“Identity and Access Management (IAM) continues to be the main component of security enforcement control, within an enterprise today. However many issues still continue to make its adoption and management a painful one. With our new product Hosting Express, customers have the ability to choose technology components, customized functionality and they also have the flexibility to decide the sequence in which they are implemented together with outsourced post deployment support “alleged Binod Singh, CEO, ILANTUS.

ILANTUS Hosting Express affords enterprises the ability to address all IAM business challenges, such as user provisioning, access governance, password management, single sign-on, web access management, federation, security intelligence and BYOD security – shorn of any need for costly and complex on premise infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable organizations to take control over its IAM challenges cost-effectively, quickly, and with ease. ILANTUS Hosting Express facilitates quick deployment and quick ROI, flexibility, reliability and security.

Hosting Express goes on to deliver-

Reduced Cost – The solution reduces the total cost of ownership significantly by eliminating infrastructure costs, maintenance costs and implementation costs.

Reduced Complexity – All the underlying complexities of an IAM deployment is hidden under the covers and the solution provides a simplistic, business friendly interface for identity management functions.

Reduced Implementation Time – The solution is designed for quick and easy implementation thereby significantly reducing the timeframe by anywhere from 30-75%. The solution comes pre-packaged with integrations, templates and use cases that can be readily deployed for enterprises.

Hosting Express is backed by ILANTUS’s unmatched experience (14+ years, 300+ deployments) and their expertise recognized by analysts (Gartner Cool Vendor) and technology companies (IBM Beacon Award). Support for emerging technologies and use cases – ILANTUS Hosting Express not only addresses the IAM challenges of today but it also meets emerging challenges like BYOD intersection with IAM, social identities and mobile use cases. ILANTUS Hosting Express does not merely provide solution based on leading technologies available in the market but also addresses gap areas through proprietary products developed to add value and reduce time for deployment.

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ILANTUS introduces Hosting Express