Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

Fortinet multiplies prevailing ‘DDoS’ product family

FortinetBANGALORE: Fortinet – a global spearhead in high-performance network security – extended its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) product family with four fresh appliances aimed at data center managers and system architects at mid- to large-sized enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs).

The novel FortiDDoS-400B, FortiDDoS-800B, FortiDDoS-1000B and FortiDDoS-2000B appliances are designed to detect and help protect against today’s most damaging and sophisticated DDoS attacks and feature an innovative 100 percent behavior-based DDoS attack mitigation engine.

Pooled with a new-fangled, single-path custom ASIC that both detects and mitigates DDoS attacks, FortiDDoS from its quarter is able to detect more types of attacks and performs up to 10X faster than other competing DDoS mitigation appliances.

The firsthand behavior-based attack mitigation engine from its barrio facilitates FortiDDoS to identify and mitigate current and future threats founded on patterns and intent rather than that of content. For the reason that these appliances don’t require signatures, they are able to better protect against zero-day attacks by dynamically monitoring trends set side by side with that of waiting for a signature file to be updated.

Zeroing here, a very short blocking period attained using high-performance ASICs allows the appliance to continuously reevaluate attacks. This lessens the impact of false positives if traffic patterns return to normal. Competing appliances take much longer to detect attacks and block for much longer periods of time leading en route to higher false positive.


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Fortinet multiplies prevailing ‘DDoS’ product family