Published On: Sat, Mar 8th, 2014

Epson’s 3LCD Technology sees projector achieve World and India’s No. 1 status once again


India: On the 25th Anniversary of the development of its revolutionary 3LCD technology, Epson, the world spearhead in projectors, has once again been entitled as the world’s number one projector brand. This is the 13th year in a row that Epson has received this rave review. This is according to the latest results for Fiscal 2013 released by projector market research firm, Futuresource Consulting. Epson has also been named India’s No. 1 Projector brand as per latest data release by Cyber Media Research (CMR).

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In excess of the past 13 years, Epson has shown steady growth in worldwide market share, year-on-year, increasing to 28.2% market share in 2013, over 26.4% in 2012. This means that almost one-in-three projectors purchased around the world in Fiscal 2013 was an Epson projector. Globally, the sales of Epson projectors was, in fact, so strong that the combined sales volumes of the second, third and fourth ranked projector brands did not match that of Epson’s projector sales volume, which was in excess of 2 million units. To add to this accolade, Epson has also been named the number one dedicated home cinema projector brand for the 9th year running. According to figures provided by Futuresource Consulting, Epson held 39.4% market share in Fiscal 2013.

Epson is marching ahead in the Indian market as well. According to the latest results released by leading Indian market research firm Cyber Media Research for H1 FY 2013-14, Epson is ranked number 1 in the Indian projector market. Dominating the country’s projector market, Epson is now a clear leader with a volume market share of 21 % and a value market share of 25%.

“Even though this is the 13th year that we have achieved this prestigious accolade worldwide, it does not diminish our drive to continually improve. Being the clear market leader in India as well, is clear testimony to this.” states Mr. Samba Moorthy, Director-Sales & marketing Epson India. Supplementing that – “Our customers have shown a discerning eye in choosing the very best projectors and we feel we have a responsibility to live up to, and exceed their expectations. It is this dedication to innovation that has led to Epson being named the world’s number one projector brand in both the business and home cinema markets, and it continues to be a great honour.”

The forte of Epson’s projectors – which has led to it being named the World’s Number One Projector Brand for 13 years – lies in its revolutionary 3LCD technology. First introduced in 1989, Epson’s 3LCD technology creates astoundingly beautiful images in bright, natural colour without dither noise or colour breakup. 3LCD projectors are also gentler on the eyes and offer smoother video playback, as they utilize three separate liquid crystal panels to form a continuous image containing all colours. 2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of the development of Epson’s revolutionary 3LCD technology.



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Epson’s 3LCD Technology sees projector achieve World and India’s No. 1 status once again