Published On: Mon, Mar 31st, 2014

Emerson largesse Trellis Process Manager


Emerson Network Power from its quarter has announced the availability of the Trellis Process Manager, offering data center managers an easy-to-use, automated workflow manager. The novel Trellis module creates tracks and affords views on data center workflow facilitating organizations to improve the execution and efficacy of standard data center processes. Pooled with the other modules of the complete Trellis DCIM solution, Trellis Process Manager also allows users to immediately see the impact of proposed changes on the data center, improving outlays and efficiencies by way of enabling accurate planning.

The Trellis Process Manager puts into effect a process, including necessary approvals for making changes to the data center infrastructure. It contains four out-of-the-box templates aimed at core data center processes – installing, followed by moving, decommissioning and renaming devices – to ensure best practices are followed when making changes on the data center floor. Actions within these processes cannot be performed without the correct approvals, and all tasks are automatically assigned and delays escalated to the correct person or team. After tasks are completed, the Trellis Process Manager automatically updates the data center plan, confirming the DCIM plan is always accurate. The templates can be customized as needed to reflect the organization’s workflow.

“The Trellis Process Manager adds workflow capabilities to the existing functionality of the Trellis platform, filling a need in the marketplace to remove human error and provide visibility to the effects of certain changes on the data center. The addition of the Trellis Process Manager demonstrates Emerson Network Power’s commitment to developing holistic DCIM data center solutions based on the Trellis platform,” alleged Steve Hassell, president of Emerson Network Power’s Data Center Solutions business.

In addition to automating processes, the Trellis Process Manager helps managers, planners and operators to deliver cost-based assessment, evaluation and recommendations to senior management to be able to support budget allocation. The workflow tool offers a far more dynamic and accurate approach to assessment, which today is a manual process fraught with difficulty and inaccuracies. Now, data center managers can have increased confidence in the data center’s abilities to support IT/business requirements.

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Emerson largesse Trellis Process Manager