Published On: Tue, Jul 29th, 2014

Cloudwatt Deploys OpenContrail service of Juniper Networks

Cloudwatt Deploys OpenContrail service of Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks has revealed that Cloudwatt has installed its services OpenContrail in order to improve the network operation efficiency and to ensure maintenance of security for its large scale cloud deployment. This service by Juniper was created way back in 2013 and the main aim behind this was to create innovation in software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for the adoption of cloud computing.

The protocol build around OpenContrail will allow Cloudwatt to create and adopt new technologies associated with SDN. Along with this it will further help the company in exercising full control over its network infrastructure.

“The OpenContrail solution is simple yet powerful, reflecting the strong cloud and networking genes of the founding engineers at Juniper Networks and the open source community at large. The choice of an open source SDN solution was essential for us from a sovereignty perspective. By integrating OpenContrail with our choice of cloud management platform, OpenStack, we can greatly simplify our cloud network design and operations, seamlessly connect virtual and physical environments and scale out our cloud without compromising security and privacy. Ultimately, OpenContrail makes it possible for us to enhance sovereignty, contain network operation cost and to provide competitive pricing to our customers,” said Didier Renard, president and CEO, Cloudwatt.

Ankur Singla, corporate vice president and general manager, cloud software, Juniper Networks says, “Juniper’s heritage is built on a firm belief that open source and open standards create a virtuous cycle of innovation and investment. Our partnership with Cloudwatt and their commitment to the OpenContrail community is a testament to the business opportunity that can be achieved through an open approach to SDN combined with co-creation between a vendor and an advanced customer. For Cloud Builders, for whom the cloud is a key business enabler, Juniper believes the path to the cloud should not be disruptive and we provide the best network for that journey.”

Apart from this, Cloudwatt has benefited a lot from this service. The company now has simplified network operations for its cloud environment. Moreover, the OpenContrail’s advanced operational tools such as introspect provide rich analytics, real-time monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting, enabling Cloudwatt to improve efficiencies and reduce OpEx.

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Cloudwatt Deploys OpenContrail service of Juniper Networks