Published On: Tue, Jul 29th, 2014

CERT-In warns credit and debit card users of a new virus ‘BurtPOS’


CERT-In, the cyber security agency has yet again warned the users about a new virus named ‘BurtPOS’. This new found virus functions against the credit and debit card owners by attacking the Point of Sale (POS) business counters and steals the confidential and valuable data. The virus communicates with the help of the command and control servers to update its status and receive commands or list of IP address range to be scan for RDP servers having weak or default credentials.

Once everything gets into place the attackers start another malware in the hacked system. And as soon as the attacker gets the control then the steal the all the data including the payment cards data, card holders name, CVV number, account number, etc from POS systems. The POS is a cash counter through which customers make transactions online using debit and credit card. The malware succeeds in stealing the system configuration, Operating System details and operates through it.

The agency further revealed, “It has been reported that malware variants targeting Point of sale (POS) systems, dubbed “BrutPOS”, is spreading. BrutPOS mainly targets windows based system by leveraging web as the main infection vector apart from being downloaded by other malware families”.

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In order to keep you secure CERT-In has recommended to take certain precautionary measures. This includes checking the system again and again to see that it is not corrupted with any kind of virus. Moreover, one should also keep all POS systems thoroughly updated and locking out accounts after N number of incorrect login attempts.

Some days back the agency found a new virus named Bladabindi which was attacking the Microsoft Windows powered PCs and laptops.

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CERT-In warns credit and debit card users of a new virus ‘BurtPOS’