Published On: Mon, Mar 31st, 2014

m2fx largesse new all dielectric self-supporting fiber cable


m2fx, the inventors and producers of the world-leading range of patented Miniflex fiber cables launched its new All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) cable.

Designed to speed up the last mile of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) deployments, ADSS’s ultra-lightweight yet durable construction means it can use existing poles and fittings, sans expensive and time consuming survey, planning and remedial civil works or the need for costly blowing equipment. The high fiber count cable speeds up installations, allowing more deployments per day, thus reducing outlays and increasing Return on Investment (ROI).

By way of using pre-existing infrastructure, the ADSS cable range is primarily suitable for crowded urban areas, reducing the need to close roads and minimizing disruption to cities and homeowners. Due to its all dielectric construction it can be safely located near high voltage overhead cables, and it is self-supporting up to 220 feet (68 meters).

Despite being physically smaller than competing cables and weighs just 23kg (51 lbs) per kilometer, facilitating easily manual handling, the ADSS range offers a high fiber count. It is available with between 4-12 fibers in the 6mm cable and 24-36 fibers in the 7mm version.

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m2fx largesse new all dielectric self-supporting fiber cable