Published On: Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014

Emerging Ways to Control Diabetes with Technology


How effective are our health systems around the world? The question is immediately and almost instantaneously raised when the world is faced with infectious diseases. The question of healthcare systems and related measures to deal with them are almost instantly a part of daily conversation. Can technology meet the medical needs required by each region of the world?

In today’s world IT technologies and the right healthcare systems can ensure better delivery as medical healthcare marries well with IT systems. Diseases like diabetes have been a problem for high-risk patients without the appropriate care management systems.

WHO 2013 doesn’t look impressive in the Asian Region

So, according to the WHO or the World Health Organization for 2013, the level of available medical healthcare for individuals around the world is less. Especially, in terms of the population growth, the amount of medical healthcare services is not available for the level of population in the African and Asian regions as the manpower or workforce to provide these healthcare facilities are less. The WHO 2013 report has also cited that in adults, hypertension, diabetes and overweight issues had been largely found in high-income countries like Americas. Now, the disease is prevalent in low income regions like Africa and India.

IDC Health Insights Case Study

The International Diabetes foundation in 2011, have clearly sited that 61.3 million people within the country have suffered from this disease. By 2030, the number is expected to reach 101.2 million people. MSD or Merck has delivered diabetes-control offerings within India for a long time as they are key markets for patients suffering from severe long-term dependence diseases.

A unique data research has elevated the need to bring out aspects where IT technology in the form of care management can meet the developing needs of high-risk patients. There have been organizations like MSD or Merck who have concentrated more on providing  Medical challenges that technological experts like HCL Tech have tried to address are the following:

  • Reducing time and effort taken for response to therapy
  • Improving the adherence and persistence for patients
  • Ensuring that medical providers have a ‘patient first’ philosophy.

MSD ensured that with the help of HCL Tech, ( patients were provided an adequate CRM or customer relationship management platform. This ensured the end-to-end solutions were provided to all customers. HCL ensured the medical services such as patient onboarding, program evaluation, and efficient care pathways were provided.

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Emerging Ways to Control Diabetes with Technology