Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2013

ASUS Announces RT-N14UHP N300 Single-Band High Power Router

ASUS Power Router

The ASUS RT-N14UHP N300 Single-Band High Power Router

Mumbai, India:   — ASUS, hailed as a worldwide top-three consumer notebook vendor and architect of the best-selling, prize-winning motherboards today went ahead to announce RT-N14UHP, a single-band N300 router with an exclusive high-power design which pep talks wireless coverage up to 300% as compared to standard N300 routers. Given its claim to fame by virtue of its three detachable high-gain 9dBi antennas and adjustable output power, it is but the perfect choice for users who are in the need of the maximum coverage at home or in the office. The RT-N14UHP also goes on to feature a USB 2.0 port for sharing printers, files or for that matter, even a cellular internet connection.

By means of the new ASUS RT-N14UHP, wireless ‘dead spots’ can be summarized as some urbane legend pertaining to the technology propelled arena of the past, courtesy, the unique integrated hardware signal power amplifier along with the already showcased feature of three high-gain 9dBi antennas. This innovative ASUS design delivers up to three times the wireless coverage of routers using standard (2dBi) antennas, giving uninterrupted coverage over the equivalent of two floors. Combined with the 300Mbit/s Wi-Fi performance, the RT-N14UHP comes across as the ideal solution for the clientele needing whole-house coverage for multiple connected devices.

Over and above, offering impressive coverage, the RT-N14UHP is also incredibly versatile — it can be easily configured to operate as a router, followed by the avatar of a wireless access point or a wireless range extender. This facilitates easy integration with existing wireless networks, either to add wireless capability to another wired network device, or to extend the range of any wireless router. Whichever mode is chosen, users will appreciate the benefits of the RT-N14UHP’s unputdownable performance and range.

A built-in USB 2.0 port allows convenient sharing of USB printers or other storage devices over the network. Alternatively, users can also plug a compatible 3G/4G (HSPA+) dongle into the USB port and use this to connect the RT-N14UHP to the internet, instead of using the 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet WAN port. The 3G/4G internet connection can then be shared by all devices on the network, adding to the adaptability of the RT-N14UHP.

Added to all of these facets at the offing, that is, the RT-N14UHP also supports ASUS AiCloud, an embedded application that turns the RT-N14UHP into a powerful personal cloud server. Files stored on the network, on attached USB storage devices or on ASUS WebStorage can be painlessly synced using the ASUS Smart Sync feature, or shared with friends, colleagues or family merely by sending a link via email, SMS or via most popular social networking apps. And to access one’s data from anywhere, you can either login to AiCloud with any web browser or use the free AiCloud app meant for Android and iOS devices.

Setting up the RT-N14UHP takes just 30 seconds— This aspect entails that one goes on to simply connect it to the network and open a web browser to start the Quick Internet Setup wizard. The intuitive graphical interface of the ASUSWRT dashboard makes it simple to configure the advanced networking features, such as quality of service (QoS) prioritisation. QoS licenses users to control and monitor the bandwidth usage on each of the four available LAN connections. Other significant features comprise parental controls, network mapping and printer sharing as well. For consumers needing secure remote access to their home network, the RT-N14UHP includes an easy-to-configure VPN server.


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ASUS Announces RT-N14UHP N300 Single-Band High Power Router