Published On: Wed, Aug 6th, 2014

TRAI to impose licensing fee on OTT services WhatsApp and likes

TRAIAs we have reported earlier TRAI was organizing a seminar in order to properly understand the working of OTT services like WhatsApp, Viber, Line and many others. As these apps are gaining popularity, the telcos highlighted that these apps are negatively impacting their revenues. So, they want the government to introduce certain norms and licensing fees for them. As, the seminar ended TRAI decided to find a solution to the problem and impose certain usage fee on these apps.

As per a report, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has started the process of introducing some guidelines and regulations for the provider of such apps. This may include the payment of connectivity charges to telecom companies and share revenue with the government. The seminar was centred around issues like ‘new developments in OTT, impact of OTT on telecom services providers and their counter measures, legal and regulatory framework for OTT’. The regulator is also planning to roll out a discussion paper on the same. The report also highlights that no major restrictions will be imposed on the apps.

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The telcos argue that with the coming of OTT apps their services like SMS, Phone calls suffer huge setback. So, they want the app providers to certain amount of connectivity charge to the telecom operators. The report also suggests that presently the operators are losing around Rs 5,000 crore annually because of the apps and the figure is set to increase up to Rs 16,400 crore by next two years. 

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TRAI to impose licensing fee on OTT services WhatsApp and likes