Published On: Sat, Jun 14th, 2014

GateTel Augments m2mAIR Mobile Network to its Portfolio of Telit-Based M2M Solutions


Telit Wireless Solutions, supplier of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services, has announced that long-time, exclusive client GateTel has augmented m2mAIR Mobile connectivity and value-added services to its array of offering entailing xE910 module-based terminals and gateways.


m2mAIR Mobile is the Telit service group dedicated to mobile network connectivity. It takes account of resources for business and maneuvers in support of m2m application deployment in the mobile network environment.

This all-inclusive service suite embraces an expansive products and services matrix to be able to suit every customer need with: pure connectivity (SIM-only), followed by bundled connectivity (SIM + module), as well as module-only services (Just the Value Added Services component).

Further than standard services m2mAIR additionally enables m2m deployments braced with innovative cloud-based Value Added Services (VAS) together with competitiveness-boosting offerings developed incorporating the Telit module which stands as network agnostic.

These services from their corresponding end make available value, assumed their in-depth reach into the module, providing the user with benefits to be able to distinguish offerings, get the most out of on new revenue opportunities and essentially change the way one troubleshoots, control, monitor and for that matter; manage connected m2m assets within the mobile network domain.

It is noteworthy to know that, all GateTel products depend on connectivity delivered by way of the xE910 module family, a suite of pin-to-pin compatible modules that can be easily exchanged to address different cellular technologies and geographies.

“By integrating the xE910 modules into an off-the-shelf device, adding connectivity and value added services, and providing repeatable, application-specific Python scripts, we are now able to get our customers 95% there,” alleged Jacob Nelik, President of GateTel. Informing that – “We are an exclusively Telit-based shop and have been from very early on. The addition of the m2mAIR services portfolio really completes the picture. Now we’re not just offering hardware. We’re really a one stop shop.”

“We’re really pleased to see a loyal customer like GateTel embrace the Telit strategy of making the Internet of Things plug and play,” held Yossi Moscovitz, President Connectivity & Services, Telit Wireless Solutions. Supplementing that – “By simplifying the value chain, we can together reduce time to market, improve reliability and deliver the affordable, easy-to-use solutions that take IoT from dream to reality.”

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GateTel Augments m2mAIR Mobile Network to its Portfolio of Telit-Based M2M Solutions