Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014

Indians muse their employment: ‘just a job’, states, Monster-GfK Study

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New Delhi: Monster India (, one of the trailblazing online career and recruitment solutions provider and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide in India along with GfK, an autonomous worldwide market research company, released fresh international survey data considering the levels of job satisfaction among Indian workers.

The Domino effect of the survey released goes on to reveal that practically half (48 percent) of Indians contemplate upon their existing employment to be ‘just a job’, in competition with the two in five (43 percent) who perceive their respective avatars as slice of a career. The research inquired more than 8,000 workers, counting over 400 in India: “Do you view the work you do to be a career or just a job?” The following ripostes were received in the India, Viz:

  • Just a Job – 48 percent
  • A Career – 43 percent
  • Don’t know / didn’t specify – 9 percent

Individuals in the category standing tall as 18 – 24 year olds remain most likely to be career-minded, with 46 percent saying they cogitate their employment as chunk of a career route rather than just being awarded by a job for the time being. Older employees are less career-oriented paralleled to their younger colleagues, with this figure plummeting to 35 percent for persons aged between of 50 – 64.

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“The survey is a reflection of India’s workforce; which is a split in terms of those who consider their current employment as part of a longer-term career and as the job market continues to grow and professional opportunities proliferate, we expect an increase in career mindedness amongst workers,” reportedly observed Mr. Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India and Middle East South East Asia).

Enunciating further that “However, whether someone has cultivated a career they enjoy, or whether they see themselves as having ‘just a job’ for now, nobody should stay in a role they don’t enjoy – better is always out there which is also the motto of our newly launched ‘Wake Up’ campaign that aims at getting the right fitment for an individual.”

An International interpretation as regards career-minded workforce

Once beholding the international results, the revision at hand makes known as to how seven countries rank in relation to the amount of personnel who say that – they consider their work nothing less than what may be rounded off as share of a career. The results spectacles and drives home the fact that French workers stay the most likely to opine they have a ‘career’ rather than ‘just a job’, with Indian workers being homeward – bound, exactly, mid-way (alongside Britons, that is) in the classifications. These evaluations persist in the reading order as:

  1. France (70 percent)
  2. Canada (69 percent)
  3. US (57 percent)
  4. UK (43 percent)
  5. India (43 percent)
  6. Netherlands (38 percent)
  7. Germany (25 percent)

France and Canada cleaves their way towards glory and emerges as top among the statuses in the milieu of populaces seeing themselves as working within the career matrix, while both mutually also tally exceedingly on work-life equilibrium: It so happens that people in both countries toil scarcer hours than the regular worker in an OECD-member country, in keeping with the organization’s Better Life Index.


Correspondingly, Germans are acknowledged for their meticulous attitude thrust towards work, but then again the results of the research infers employment vis a vis career stays much less likely in Germany. Manifestly, every single country has its own culturally influenced understandings on what it means to have a career. Nevertheless, the writing on the wall here is that- notwithstanding the datum, as to how workers assess their jobs, nobody should settle for a role they aren’t content with.


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Indians muse their employment: ‘just a job’, states, Monster-GfK Study