Published On: Thu, Mar 13th, 2014

Trending and Yonder- The era of the software defined operator is here


CALIFORNIA: Simplification of IP, coupled with NFV and SDN, is creating the Software Defined Operator – which is but a new-fangled model aimed at service providers necessitating the furthered needs of meeting the unparalleled broadband demand by way of agile, cost effective and fast implementation of novel services.

That was the message given by Axel Clauberg Deutsche Telekom’s vice president of Aggregation, Transport and IP Fixed Access in a keynote address to the Broadband Forum in Malta last week.

Clauberg demonstrated how Deutsche Telekom had provided end to end optimization for a trial with Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia – a network which had gone from a “go” decision to launch of a 100Gb/s network in just three months, bringing network and Cloud technologies together for service production.

He also told his audience, comprising some of the world’s leading service providers, vendors and research laboratories, that the Software Defined Operator would see changing skill sets needed – for service providers, vendors and processes in the supply chain, and it was critical for the Broadband Forum to keep up the ante of their endeavours evolving the connected home and collaborating on the developments in SDN and NFV.

The forward looking keynote provided a thought-provoking end to an opening day full of highlights and acknowledgements concerning success and outstanding contributions to the Broadband Forum.


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Trending and Yonder- The era of the software defined operator is here