Published On: Fri, May 2nd, 2014

Yahoo unwraps its new-fangled video, digital content programming


At the Digital Contents  NewFronts 2014, Yahoo! Inc. from its barrio has introduced the first of its new-fangled original long-form shows, followed by an all new partnership with that of Live Nation aimed at live streaming concerts, the all new Yahoo Travel digital magazine, and last yet not the least new advertising opportunities and measurement capabilities

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, accompanied by CMO Kathy Savitt, and Ned Brody, head of Americas, presented Yahoo’s vision to make digital video more inspiring and entertaining intended for consumers plus advertisers.

“We are in a time of rapid and dramatic change in how people read and view content online. Our goal is to not only enable the future but also to help invent it,” alleged Kathy Savitt, CMO of Yahoo.

Supplementing that – “Yahoo is focused on connecting artists, storytellers, great content producers and brands with the audiences they want — at scale, across devices, every single day.”

Yahoo from its part unveiled new video along with rich media advertising experiences designed for the Yahoo login page and digital magazines that in turn will go on to assist brands in conveying powerful stories. On record, these new ad opportunities will be offered in the coming weeks.

Yahoo Splash Ads are powering prospects incorporated in the design of its digital magazines. Appearing on tablet, PCs and desktops, Yahoo Splash Ads from their quarter offer novel ways meant for brands to be able to share entertaining video or images with readers. Akin to how readers communicate and relate the stories, together with images and for that matter videos on Yahoo’s digital magazines, these ads from their end are designed to be just as compelling as the content entailing them.

Yahoo correspondingly familiarized the Yahoo Full Page Video Login Ads that from its part offer an immersive 15-second video involvement meant for viewers, and make available to brands a fresh way to be able to arrest their attention.

comScore and Yahoo mutually have gone ahead and stated that- they are joining hands to streamline digital ad buying in addition to measurement which aimed at marketers spread across the world. The partnership from its part will make available to advertisers with the access to that of comScore’s vCE metric by means of Yahoo’s ad serving and reporting tools, display and mobile ad campaigns that touch audiences on Yahoo and across the web as well as afford TV-comparable metrics for video.

This integrated solution will further make simpler the digital advertising experience meant for marketers in a motley of ways. Advertisers from their fraternity will be moreover able to set up

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Yahoo unwraps its new-fangled video, digital content programming