Published On: Thu, Jun 5th, 2014

WorldVentures cleaves its forays to Australia, Serbia


WorldVentures, the primary international direct seller of vacation club memberships, declared that it’s cleaved its advance into Australia as well as Serbia. All set to be propelled into action in Australia is WorldVentures’ first toehold in the Pacific Region, despite the fact that Serbia is the company’s 16th prominent European market; travel aficionados and businesspersons dwelling in 28 global markets, now, together with Australia as well as Serbia, can revel in WorldVentures’ award-winning DreamTrips Memberships or for that matter, unique business prospects.


On record, WorldVentures has cleaved its forays into five fresh markets in the last year which reads as, viz, Poland followed by Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Australia besides Serbia.

“We’re excited to add Australia, one of the world’s largest economies, and Serbia, an emerging economy, to our growing list of global markets,” WorldVentures Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent alleged. Informing that – “We invite locals in these two countries to enjoy our unforgettable travel experiences like our many DreamTrips members do, or improve their work-life balance in a fun way as Independent Representatives.”

WorldVentures’ business model from its barrio pools in the pluses involving online marketing, braced with the litheness entailing direct-selling. DreamTrips, the company’s prizewinning travel club membership, facilitates patrons to be able to chip in as regard to first-rate, exclusive, cherished experiences that afford amusement, choice and gratification by means of entertainment and travel. The company’s business forays makes available to its entrepreneurs the whole kit and caboodle they require to be able to market and sell DreamTrips Memberships by way of friend-to-friend recommendations. WorldVentures’ Independent Representatives from their corresponding end can work full or part-time—from home or else anywhere in the globe.

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WorldVentures cleaves its forays to Australia, Serbia