Published On: Thu, May 15th, 2014

ViewSonic presents Premium SuperColor Technology


ViewSonic from its barrio is officially declaring the mixing of its newest SuperColor Technology into their projector product series, stretching from value to high-end models. SuperColor Technology from its end offers better color reproduction capabilities that unswervingly claims to be able to deliver accurate colors in their peak on each point of the screen. It augments the quality of projected images to be able to equal the image quality of the company’s well-known array of monitors as well. ViewSonic is the first company to be able to apply such advanced color technology into its array of products, empowering the devices to be used in an eclectic variety of industries wherein superior color performance is in high demand. Whether it is for purposes ranging as business, followed by entertainment, creative design or in-class lectures, ViewSonic’s visual solutions will facilitate users to be able to enjoy true-to-life color precision in everything they present.

Equipped with SuperColor Technology, ViewSonic projectors are capable of making available an enhanced projection plus user viewing experience apart from superior image quality. The SuperColor Technology features include exclusive 5, 6 and 7–segment projector color wheel designs along with advanced digital image processing and dynamic lamp adjustment technology that facilitates the ViewSonic projectors to deliver/reproduce natural, accurate and vibrantly clear images buttressed with expanded color space. In addition, ViewSonic projectors integrated with SuperColor Technology arrives with a ViewMatch color mode that optimizes the color gamma to be able to fit most projection environments without sacrificing image color quality. Users can now project anywhere, anytime shorn of any color compromises.

The minute it comes to putting stress on sharp definition and reducing viewer eye-fatigue, ViewSonic projectors with SuperColor Technology affords a just perfect solution. Users from their ends can now make use of a projector that automatically adjusts images to be able to augment the performance of dark scenes while momentously improving the detail in bright images without any color washout. Health aspects being zeroed unto then – Eye-fatigue by means of lengthy viewing is also reduced on account of a more accurate gray scale that facilitates users to be able to see greater texture in darker images as well as greater detail in bright-white projected images. Whether it is projecting in a lecture hall, presenting in a business conference room, or for that matter serving purposes such as sharing in a classroom, ViewSonic projectors braced with SuperColor Technology makes available to users with enhanced flexibility given any setting.

“As a leading visual technology provider and industry color expert, ViewSonic is dedicated to the continuous innovation of its projection technology. In order to provide the most convenient and highly efficient projectors, we have integrated the all-new SuperColor Technology into our projector series” alleged Vincent Hsu, General Manager of ViewSonic’s Projector Business Unit. Supplementing that – “This technology enables users to have the flexibility to project images in every setting – in the classroom, boardroom, auditorium or living room – while still delivering consistently accurate true-to-life colors on the projection screen.” 

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ViewSonic presents Premium SuperColor Technology