Published On: Mon, Jul 7th, 2014

Unlockar app backs PETA’s new campaign


Unlockar Apps Pvt. Ltd., which focuses on refining the lock scree experience of Android users, has successfully completed its second CSR initiative within two months of the launch of its beta version PETA. The new campaign of PETA which says, ‘Be an Angel for Animals’ was very well used by the Unlockar group to grab the attention of the users. The idea of the campaign is that people should start adopting the animals instead of buying them. The campaign turned out to be a success because of the eyeball grabbing content generated by Unlockar for the lock screen. Along with this, by swiping towards the left side of the screen the users are directed to the donation page of PETA. As a result of this campaign, 16,000 lock screen impression were registered and 3,000 users landed on the official donation page of PETA.

Manish Garg, Director, Unlockar said, “It is always fulfilling when Unlockar acts as a platform for various social initiatives. We have and will always put forward our help when it comes to making any contribution. We are thankful to PETA for choosing us to be their partners. Along with the objective of providing interesting content to our users, we would like to engage and assist in such social initiatives.”

Pulkit Ahuja, Director, Unlockar said, “We love pets, and we believe that in a start-up culture as in any other work environment, pets are the best way to combat the ever increasing deadlines and work pressure. No matter in whatever firefighting situation one is, a glance at these innocent playful angels and we get a feeling – ‘All Is Well’. Our inveterate love for animals can be seen from our policy of allowing employee pets in our office premises. Miller, our UI Designer Daljeet’s Labrador is a regular visitor to Unlockars’ office”.

Unlockar organisation has always been associated with promoting social issues. The company believes in creating awareness amongst the masses.

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Unlockar app backs PETA’s new campaign