Published On: Tue, Jul 15th, 2014

SafeNet expands ProtectFile solutions to enhance Hadoop security for enterprises


SafeNet.Inc has expanded its ProtectFile portfolio solution by adding transparent and seamless encryption of the sensitive data rest in the Apache Hadoop clusters. The organisations who will take up this service will be able to secure their highly important information without disturbing the working of Hadoop or the end-user experience. Hadoop is capable of providing cost-effective storage with fast processing of large data sets and helps in securing the information in big data implementations. It stores the data in the form of clusters, which is later distributed to various data notes.

Todd Moore, vice president, Encryption Products, SafeNet, said “Organizations are playing a balancing act between capitalizing on Hadoop’s scalability and efficiency to uncover value in big data and protecting high-value information in their implementations. With the volume of data that a company generates growing exponentially and the number of breaches on the rise, security must be a priority with Hadoop deployments. ProtectFile enables companies of every size to lock down sensitive data at rest in clusters without impacting Hadoop performance, and can also support compliance mandates, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, in big data implementations.”

The ProtectFile for Linux will provide a complete security solution for Hadoop. The ProtectFile comes with automation tools for fast and easy roll out to multiple data nodes in the Hadoop cluster. It gives a centralized key and policy management, so the organisations will have complete control over the encryption keys and will also possess the ability to define the controls against the unauthorized access.

Garrett Bekker, senior security analyst, 451 Research, feels “the organizations are looking to move Hadoop projects from the proof of concept stage into production; they are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that the sensitive information stored in those Hadoop nodes is protected from prying eyes.  The ability to encrypt data-at-rest that is potentially distributed across thousands of nodes should provide comfort for organizations that are concerned not only about the security of their existing data, but also the proprietary and potentially highly confidential outcomes of their big data experiments.”

Apart from the roll out of ProtectFile for Linux, SafeNet has also introduced the updated version of ProtectFile for Windows platform. This version will be able to generate transparent and automated file-system-level encryption of server data in the distributed enterprise in Windows environments.

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SafeNet expands ProtectFile solutions to enhance Hadoop security for enterprises