Published On: Tue, May 13th, 2014

NVIDIA largesse $150,000 grant for solutions to social, humanitarian challenges


NVIDIA from its barrio has announced its Global Impact Award – a fresh annual grant of $150,000 aimed at groundbreaking work that caters to the world’s most important social as well as humanitarian issues.

The grant from its part will be bequeathed to a researcher or an institution, which is making use of NVIDIA technology en route for achieving breakthrough results, that in turn has extensive effect on the society. This embraces, but is not limited to, the verticals of disease research, followed by drug design plus development, medical imaging, energy as well as fuel efficiency, weather prediction, natural disaster response in addition to cyber security.

In India, NVIDIA from its quarter pools resources with over 250 targeted research and higher education institutions and assists them to be able to find solutions towards complex computing problems faster, using the inherent power of NVIDIA GPUs.  Indian Institutions that are identified as CUDA Research Centers as well as CUDA Center of Excellence are executing path breaking researches in several domains.

Researchers, non-profit research institutions or for that matter universities brought into being anywhere in the world can apply for the grant. The submission ought to be completed on or before December 12, 2014 and winners will be awarded on April 28, 2015 at the company’s GPU Technology Conference.

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NVIDIA largesse $150,000 grant for solutions to social, humanitarian challenges