Published On: Wed, Apr 30th, 2014

Nlyte Software swells DCIM SaaS offering, embraces virtualization

Nlyte Software

Nlyte Software from its barrio announced that its’ On-Demand DCIM SaaS offering, now fully supports the popular virtualization hypervisor platforms courtesy VMware, Microsoft and Citrix. The combination of Nlyte On-Demand and newly released virtualization connectors allow IT managers that have cherry – picked Nlyte via subscription to be able to manage physical, logical and virtual assets through one view.

“The modern technology platform is a mix of physical items supporting a more abstract, virtualized set of resources,” held Clive Longbottom, founder of analyst firm Quocirca. Furthering that – “Any DCIM tool that neglects either the physical or logical or virtual aspects of the data center will lead to an inaccurate understanding of its value. Only through a full view across all of these layers can you be sure that the decisions you make are correct; that they will support the business in what it needs to do.”

Nlyte On-Demand braced with virtualization support is but a low-cost but sophisticated infrastructure management solution that assists to cut operating costs, improve overall IT efficacy and helps extend the life of their data centers. Having full visibility into virtual, logical and physical layers provides data center managers with insights into current and future capacity planning needs.

“By combining virtualization support with our On-Demand SaaS offering, we are providing our subscription based customers with the most complete view of their processing and applications in the context of the physical layers that support it – a critical component of true capacity planning,” alleged Mark Harris, VP of Marketing for Nlyte Software. Supplementing that – “This amalgamation enables Nlyte On-Demand users to have the same award-winning experience that our on-premise end-users have had for years.”

Nlyte On-Demand, now available with virtualization support, can not only be rapidly arrayed, but can manage the interrelationship between virtual, logical and physical layers in your data center.

As a subscription based offering, Nlyte On-Demand with virtualization support helps avoid upfront Capital Expenditures in addition to their associated long approval cycles in the context of the virtual workloads present. This leads to more context, better decision-making and more informed capacity planning.

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Nlyte Software swells DCIM SaaS offering, embraces virtualization