Published On: Fri, Jul 4th, 2014

Mahindra Comviva reveals real-time QoE service plans to be the future

Mahindra Comviva

Mahindra Comviva known for providing mobility solutions has come out with a research study in association with Ovum Consulting. The research caters to realising the ideal potential of media optimization. The research highlights that the global mobile broadband connections are set to cross the 4.5 billion mark at a CAGR of 19% by 2018, because of the rise in the demand of data connectivity both on the small and large screen devices. It further foretells that, the revenue from mobile broadband will grow up to $278 billion at a CAGR of 11%. The study also shares that operators can benefit from this trend if they if they opt for intelligent media optimization. If the operators deploy this technique then they will benefit from it as it will provide a better service to the customers and will also help the operator in monetizing data traffic.

“Data is the new growth category for operators in emerging markets. The ability to delight customers with a personalized, consistent, experience and innovative offers is a critical services differentiator. Intelligent context-aware application of optimization techniques would enable operators to balance twin pressures of network and revenue growth” says, Madan G. Onkar, Vice President, Internet and Broadband Solutions.

The report also suggests that presently only 20% spent on intelligent optimization. It further suggests in the coming 12 months 60% operators will opt for the same. Intelligent optimisation will generate new monetization avenues for the operators and in turn will encourage them to offer new and innovative QoE based plans for the customers. If the process of intelligent optimisation is applied properly then it will lead to improvements in techniques based on a combination of variables including – cell traffic load, customer location, network type, application, device and ARPU profile. So, the process of intelligent optimisation will help both the operators and the customers.

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Mahindra Comviva reveals real-time QoE service plans to be the future