Published On: Sat, Mar 8th, 2014 reinventing web search with a social collaboration platform


KANSAS CITY, USA: If one searches “New York City” on Google, the returns on the first few pages will focus mostly on tourist sites, basic city information and hotel and restaurant reviews. But what if the user’s purpose for searching was to find a good Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village, or learn more about what rock bands might be playing on the weekend?

At the moment, for the first time, there exists a search engine that delivers visual, socially influenced and more relevant search results – and provides users an involvedly incredible experience.

Leap2 declared that it will launch its newest creation entitled- – at SXSW in Austin, Texas this month. A new-fangled extension on the company’s visual approach to search, takes real-time streams (such as Twitter) and user collaboration and pulls them together into a platform called “Perspectives.”

This unique search experience facilitates users to help determine sets of search results that fit together, instead of just banking upon keyword-based algorithms to tell them what is most relevant. The platform from its barrio also goes a step further by empowering a user to notify anyone in their social network of their own particular perspective and ask for participation.

“Today, when we use a search engine, we type in keywords and a scientific algorithm returns the results that it believes we will be most interested in,” alleged Michael Farmer, CEO at Leap2. Supplementing that – “We believe a user’s ideal search experiences are the ones in which the search engines return results that are relevant and interesting to them – the results they care about. With, we are the algorithm, and that makes the results much more satisfying.”

“ clearly demonstrates that combining visual search with user-collaborated results provides a new way for users to find, sort and share information,” held Peter Levinson, senior vice president of WhiteSky and former director of product management at Yahoo! Search.


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