Published On: Mon, Mar 10th, 2014

Kenshoo, Oracle to afford actionable insights across social media


AUSTIN, USA: Kenshoo stated from South by Southwest, a Kenshoo integration with Oracle Social Cloud. The news from its quarter comes as a share of Oracle’s freshly announced open API-based paid social media solution for its customers.


The solution will go on to provide marketers a robust view of the interplay between paid, owned and earned social marketing campaigns and the ability to immediately take action on key insights to be able to improve performance.

Incorporating Kenshoo with Oracle Social Cloud will facilitate better coordination and conversation between social community managers in charge of organic content and agencies or marketing managers handling paid media.

The joint solution will afford more comprehensive management and better understanding of the interplay and effectiveness of each piece of the owned, paid and earned social media puzzle along the path to consumer conversion. As for instance, paid media managers can see which organic social posts are generating strong engagement and amplify them by way of paid advertising to further outspread the brand’s reach to target customers.

A new study commissioned by Kenshoo and conducted by Forrester Consulting; found that while owned media, for example maintaining branded pages on social networks, is the most popular approach employed by social marketers, it was brought to light that paid advertising was the most effective.

The study also cleaved its way to find that social advertisers who paid to promote their branded content were most satisfied with the awareness they created; while those who bought standard social ad units were happiest with their ability to drive purchases. Therefore, brand-focused social advertisers and response-focused social advertisers must deploy the tactics proven best for meeting their specific objectives.

“Savvy marketers understand the complementary nature of engaging content and paid social media, as well as the need to employ a diverse set of tactics to achieve their specific goals,” alleged Sivan Metzger, SVP, business development for Kenshoo.

Supplementing that – “Collaborating with a well-respected brand like Oracle offers us a unique opportunity to share these tools with best-of-breed clientele and help marketers achieve their business goals through holistic social optimization.”


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Kenshoo, Oracle to afford actionable insights across social media