Published On: Thu, Sep 4th, 2014

HP introduces innovative customer communication management products

HP has expanded its multichannel customer communication management (CMM) portfolio by making two new additions. This portfolio enables the organization to improve the customer experience, engagement and profitability.  The new offering of the company will provide improved design and interaction capabilities, and enable organizations to shift control of customer communications to instrumental business and marketing users.


The two products introduced by the company are HP Exstream 9.0 and the HP Exstream Empower Editor. Speaking about the products, Richard Marr, Regional Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Exstream, HP said, “Today’s consumers demand relevant communications delivered where and when they wish to receive it. HP is providing businesses with the tools necessary to create a personalized customer experience, across multiple communications channels, to enhance relationships and deliver better business outcomes.”

The HP Exstream 9.0 consists of HP Exstream Design & Production it makes customer communications a key competitive differentiator and helps organizations in retaining the existing customers. Moreover, it also helps in attracting new customers and facilitates profitable customer interactions. On the other hand, the HP Exstream Empower Editor has a new zero-footprint interface that allows HP Exstream users to facilitate interactions between consumers and remote and mobile front-office workers.

Both the new and innovative products of the company are now available for purchase.

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HP introduces innovative customer communication management products