Published On: Mon, Dec 2nd, 2013

Leading by example? Hindustan Petroleum incorporates Trend Micro Comprehensive Security Solution

New Delhi, December 2, 2013: Trend Micro incorporated, the global cloud security leader, recently arrayed “Comprehensive Security Solutions” for Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), one of the giants among a host of other such corporations in the spectrum comprising the nation’s largest oil and natural gas companies.

Hindustan Petroleum

Headquartered at Mumbai, the state-owned firm happens to be the most esteemed organizations in the country.

Trend Micro Incorporated leaps to the digital arena originating as a Japanese security software company. Its contenders in the antivirus industry against Avira, Bit Defender, Bull Guard, F-Secure, Frisk, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda Security, Sophos, Symantec, among others.

If one zips in here, then the story goes on reading thus; HPCL’s data was shielded technically speaking by what may be deciphered as a thin layer of anti-virus software and was in the want for a centralized management and monitoring component in order to keep track of updates, vulnerabilities and other such bottlenecks.

Another glitch here was that users weren’t able to download security updates directly from the web. Added to these woes, many of HPCL’s employees did not have Internet availability every time.

Henceforth, many user machines were getting outdated when it came to security updates. Apart from the ensuing malware attacks, this was also resulting in productivity losses for the company, given HCPL’s helpdesk team’s earned credibility to be no less than being the busiest unit, as it used to receive numerous calls in a day.

Quipped Mr. M.P. Keshava , Chief Manager – Information Security and Compliance, HPCL, “ The solution we had was not all-inclusive. It was shielding us only at the client level but then there was no protection at the network level. There existed times when, for instance, we could not connect a newly formatted laptop onto the system without getting infected by a virus. It was at this Juncture that we got to realize that having AV software on all the clients was not sufficient. Correspondingly, monitoring and patching was not taking place effectively.”

He went on to voice the fact that “There were many cases of PCs getting re-formatted because the AV software did not work properly. When we further studied the situation, we realized that this was because the users were not updating their antivirus software regularly,”

“Though we have not measured it scientifically, we are experiencing massive gain in productivity, as we now hardly see an employee’s machine conking off because of a virus infection. If reduction in help desk calls is a direct measurement of productivity or anything close to that, then I would rather say that productivity has gone up by 50 percent,” states Keshava.

Dhanya Thakkar, Managing Director, India and SAARC , Trend Micro has this to say about the implementation programme “HPCL  incorporated our enterprise management dashboard, which tracks security performance, reports malware events, and also helps HPCL in setting threat policies, increasing visibility across the enterprise, and improving compliance. Last but not the least; our solution also helped HPCL in tightening its security policies. ”

The AV suite, since the employment, has evolved to become a complete end-point security solution. Apart from its aptitude to optimize the resource footprint, the solution has helped Keshava and other resource persons concerned stay within the confines of the IT budget allocated for the company. Given the track record of Trend Micro, Keshava’s team is raring to reap rich benefits from this solution.


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Leading by example? Hindustan Petroleum incorporates Trend Micro Comprehensive Security Solution