Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014

eScan to ensue Saga of Providing Signature Updates for “Windows XP”


MUMBAI: eScan, one of the front runners in the category of Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution providers, will ensue to afford virus signature updates and carry on anti-malware support intended for the Operating System, even after Microsoft pulls out support meant for Windows XP.

Windows XP is an exceedingly putative OS and embraces a third of the market share. Microsoft had long-drawn-out the life-cycle of Windows XP twice attributable to users’ demand of not moving away from it. In recent times, Microsoft pronounced that by April 2014, Windows XP will lose product upkeep thus leaving it susceptible. eScan, conversely, will endure to make available Virus signature updates to users on Windows XP, even after the OS touches the culmination of its life cycle.

By means of its advanced and futuristic security solutions, eScan takes unto the enterprises’ shoulder blades the vocation to protect Windows XP users from malware and prospective hackers. Spaced out from XP, eScan also at this time runs full anti-malware software for Windows Vista, followed by Windows 7, Windows 8 and last but not the least, popular Microsoft Server Operating Systems.

Window Xp

Mr. Govind Rammurthy, MD and CEO, eScan reportedly said, that, “Considering that over 30% of machines (worldwide) are still on XP, and over 60% in India (and possibly many other nations) still use XP, eScan will continue to support Windows XP (both SP2 and SP3), till the time that this number reduces to less than 5%. Business continuity in SMB & Enterprise segments dictate that we end up supporting XP, beyond the deadline given by Microsoft. eScan also still supports Windows 2000, considering that W2K still happens to be used within Medium sized enterprises (and some large ones, who have functional apps running perfectly fine on W2k machines). The above decision to support WXP is for all the market segments, SOHO, SMB and Enterprise/Corporate.”


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eScan to ensue Saga of Providing Signature Updates for “Windows XP”