Published On: Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014

Ericsson ConsumerLab: Consumers check their phones 100 times a day

Ericsson ConsumerLab

Ericsson ConsumerLab has rolled out a report analysing the smartphone behaviour in India and the growth witnessed in the use of smartphones. The Ericsson Lab carried out a study in April-June 2014. The study covered 4,000 smartphone users across 18 urban cities including the 4 metros. The study reveals that 57% increase seen in the usage of apps and 20% increase in the time spent by a user on smartphone. The study further indicates that on an average, Indian consumers spend over 3 hours a day on their smartphones and 25% consumers check their phones over 100 times a day.

One of the reasons for such an increase is the chat apps. Over 24% of smartphone owners use mobile apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat for business purposes to sell products and services, expanding their reach to new customers. Moreover, 8 in 10 smartphone users will continue to access mobile internet using mobile broadband.

Ajay Gupta, VP-Strategy and Marketing, Ericsson India said, “Maturity is an important dimension in the mobile broadband behavior. Mature users consume almost twice as much data as new users. As consumers explore more apps and services relevant to their interests and needs, mobile broadband usage is set to grow.”

The research also highlights that, mobile video usage is evolving and users spend 61more time on video apps compared to non-users. Moreover, 1/3rd of the consumers watch videos only on their smartphones. The easiest way to consume videos is through the chat apps. The study also states that Indian smartphone users now spend 191 minutes per day on smartphones, compared to 128 minutes watching TV. It also shows that consumers specify that indoor coverage, speed and network availability are very important, but half of all issues encountered today in dense urban centers by mobile broadband users are faced indoors and 44% of the time a mobile broadband smartphone user does not have access to the network.

Taking about this Gupta further adds, “Interestingly, smartphone users prioritized the service provider’s ability to solve mobile data issues as and when they arise over cheap mobile data tariffs or plans. The Ericsson ConsumerLab Report states that 76% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed better mobile data experience.”

Speaking about the network performance and coverage, Nishant Batra, VP- Engagement Practices at Ericsson India said, “Network performance and app coverage are the critical areas of focus for mobile operators. Ericsson brings its solutions and global experience from leading markets to operators in India to deliver optimal consumer experience in sync with the growing needs of consumers.”

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Ericsson ConsumerLab: Consumers check their phones 100 times a day