Published On: Thu, Oct 16th, 2014

Dell launches Dell SuperMassive 9800 Next-Generation Firewall for enterprise

Dell has introduced the Dell SuperMassive 9800 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and complementary management and reporting Global Management System (GMS) 8.0. The company claims that this is the most powerful model of the complete SuperMassive 9000 series. It is designed to deliver high performance and will allow customers to benefit from reduced capital expenditure and reduced rack, power and cooling costs in the future.

 SuperMassive 9800

The Dell SuperMassive 9800 is designed to provide both mid-size and enterprise organizations the same protection and performance as Dell’s flagship SuperMassive 10000 Series firewalls. Moreover, it also incorporates all the performance-enhancing capabilities, with lower operating expenses and total cost of ownership. This firewall solution from Dell provides 97.9 percent protection without compromising on the performance. It also reduces the deployment and management costs with an integrated NGFW, IPS, SSL inspection and application control platform for mid-market and enterprise organizations that require the deepest level of network security.

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The Dell SuperMassive 9800 also has the capability of supporting millions of simultaneous connections at near-zero latency for higher throughput, concurrent/ simultaneous TCP connections and connection per second to respond to increased user count, user device count (BYOD and IoT) and demand for network connection. The GMS 8.0 supplements the SuperMassive 9800 and other Dell NGFWs by enabling organizations to easily consolidate the management of security appliances, reduce administrative and troubleshooting complexities, and govern all operational aspects of the security infrastructure.

Speaking about the product, Amit Singh, Country Manager, Dell SonicWALL said, “With enterprises deploying BYOD, the need to have a perfect security solution upturns. The Dell SuperMassive 9800 is aimed at providing effective security solutions that will help organizations safeguard their network against the most detrimental security infringements. The feature set of SuperMassive 9800 brings a unique combination of being the most scalable and high performing enterprise security solution that would boost productivity along with preventing any external intrusion. It also aims at addressing the security needs of every organization, regardless of its size, which means even mid-sized companies can now deploy the enterprise-level security solution.”

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Dell launches Dell SuperMassive 9800 Next-Generation Firewall for enterprise