Published On: Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014

Corelynx to offer Open Cloud solution to patrons


NEWARK, USA: Corelynx has announced that all its cloud services and software will be based on Open Stack powered open cloud architecture. Open cloud architecture will benefit both Corelynx and its customers.

Corelynx will gain from the unparalleled innovation found in open source communities along with the vibrant ecosystem of ISV partners that grows from these open standards initiatives. The customers will go on to benefit from the ability to leverage the open source and open standards APIs and to extend them-either through third-party capability or through innovation and extension of their own.

OpenStack is the largest active open source, cloud project community in the world with 189+ organizations and 9,100+ individuals participating. This huge global collaboration of developers and technologists are working to produce a ubiquitous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) open source cloud computing platform.

‘’OpenStack easily manages and automates pools of compute resources. With no proprietary hardware or software requirements, it is architected to provide flexibility in cloud. Also, it can work with widely available virtualization technologies, along with the high-performance computing configurations’,” reportedly said, Manash Chaudhuri, director and CEO of Corelynx Inc.

He went on to volumnise his rhetoric further, by adding that, “We have moved to ‘OpenStack powered Cloud’ to bring in the required alertness, availability and innovation for delivering the best products to our customers, faster than our competitors. Using OpenStack we have the capability to customize the platform and maintain significant control over it.”

Corelynx has implemented this step keeping in mind the problems faced by the small and medium-sized businesses. By cherry-picking open standards-based Cloud Computing, SMB owners will experience greater flexibility and choice at the offing. Open Cloud is pluggable and extensible with an open API. They can use open web-based APIs for deploying and managing their workload easily. In addition, they can use multiple vendors/sources for adding features and technologies to their applications.

‘’The objective is to offer advanced Open Cloud solutions that saves the SMBs from complexities such as vendor lock-in. At present, we are working with several Asia-Pacific & American partners. Using our Open Cloud Offerings, we aim to benefit them with hybrid cloud architecture. We plan to offer our clients a flexible environment where they can choose the application language and tools as per their requirements.”

Cloud Computing

Moving to OpenStack powered Open Cloud architecture is a customer-driven decision. Hence, open source implementation will:

1. Remove cloud computing entry barriers

2. Remove architectural complexity and fragmentation

3. Boost the long-term viability of cloud investments

Overall, end users will have a strong position in establishing and adopting cloud computing models in their business process.


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Corelynx to offer Open Cloud solution to patrons