Published On: Thu, May 22nd, 2014

BE Summits all set to host the 2nd Annual ‘Global High on Cloud Summit’


Cloud computing happens to be one of the buzzword as far as the technological arena is concerned. This sharp technology competent to contribute effectual results together with a reduced usage of physical resources has enticed enterprises of all scale and magnitudes to take it into due consideration.

BE Summits from its barrio brings up the 2nd Edition of their most sought after event in India, the 2nd Annual Global High on Cloud Summit which is scheduled to take place on the 28th and 29th May, 2014 in Mumbai, India.

“Looking into the demand of next level of computing among the industry peers and the buzz of cloud computing, we were bound to create a platform that promotes cloud technology. Since this technology promises enhanced computing capabilities with minimal resource utilization, industry stewards are readily looking towards implementing cloud as a tool to increase efficiency. We, at BE Summits are working towards creating a platform which is one of a kind and will benefit our partners in having newer ways of adapting new technologies and doing better businesses.” states Abner Oswin Francis, CEO of BE Summits.

The conference from its end is estimated to witness top-notch officials from across industry domains under one roof. The event will cater to the requirements of the attendees; being braced with successions of presentations and torrents of case-studies scheduled on cloud computing coupled with its post-implementation phase. This gathering from its quarter will cater to the need of cloud computing together with the benefits of its application and a significant amount of network building among the attendees.

In the wake of an upsurge of lot of solution seekers these days, India is being game to witness a colossal demand for cloud technology and its application. Assemblies like these assistances in maintaining cognizance as well as addressing challenges and concerns relating to to new technologies. In a stage wherein most of the companies have already executed cloud technology, issues like Security, Regulations, and Maintenance still continue and the aim of this platform would be to address these topics expansively.

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BE Summits all set to host the 2nd Annual ‘Global High on Cloud Summit’