Published On: Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014

Netrack torques Data Center Efficacy in India, holds Data Center Dynamics Summit 2014


Netrack, a solutions source for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks is expanding its services in India which will help increase the data center efficiency for large enterprises and corporates; and achieve higher efficacies at lower TCO. Netrack from its barrio has buttressed the data center industry conclave and summit organised in Mumbai last week, entitled – the Data Center Dynamics 2014.

The event from its part stood witness to more than 400 data center frontrunners, approximately 100 channel partners together with solution providers addressing BSFI, IT / ITES besides other verticals. Netrack from its corresponding end unwrapped its latest Intelligent Racks Access Control in addition to NRS-e Series Racks for High Density Application in Data Centers & Server Room. The event from its quarter has helped clienteles along with partners to gain familiarity on intelligent PDUs doing PDU level measurement. Netrack meanwhile has presented the flexibility of making technological choices relative to the business requisites and assisted to bring in efficiousness at a lower TCO.

Data Center Dynamics (DCD) event is but a platform where the data center connoisseurs meet and interchange information. On record, in excess of 400 data center leaders from diverse industries attend the affair to be able to deliberate on the advance of the data center industry in India. The top professionals from data centers pooled their visions with the topmost data center operators which have aided in making available the augmented knowledge as well as networking opportunities to all data center pros who design, operate and build mission critical IT infrastructure.

Mr. Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support at Netrack said, “Data center industry is at the unique cusp of exponential growth in India, and Netrack wants to give back to the industry the learnings and findings of latest technological developments in this space. Netrack is known for its innovative and cost effective products and solutions. We look forward to a substantial increase simultaneously in the number, size and use of the data center in India.”

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Netrack torques Data Center Efficacy in India, holds Data Center Dynamics Summit 2014