Published On: Sat, Apr 12th, 2014

IBM all set to procure marketing solutions provider, Silverpop


IBM from its barrio announced a definitive agreement to procure Silverpop, a privately held software company based in Atlanta, GA. Silverpop empowers marketers with cloud-based capabilities that provide personalized customer engagements in highly scalable environments and will accelerate IBM’s leadership in marketing automation. However, financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


The breadth and depth of IBM’s enterprise marketing portfolio, pooled with Silverpop’s marketing automation and real-time personalization technology, will go on to create the most complete and advanced customer engagement solution for businesses of all sizes and all scenarios – from startups to multinational enterprises.

Silverpop from its quarter provides deep customer insights and an intuitive engagement engine that will help reduce the complexity of omnichannel marketing, making it easier to personalize the customer experience no matter where the customer sits on their brand journey.

Adding on to IBM’s portfolio of more than 100 Software-as-a-Service offerings, Silverpop endows marketers with easy-to-use cloud-based capabilities that can be quickly and cost-effectively arrayed, with little technical knowledge, to adapt to changing patron demands.

This equips marketing, ecommerce and service professionals with tools that allow them to directly design, execute and measure personalized interactions to be able to acquire new customers, drive sales and build brand loyalty. This also accelerates time to value and reduces total cost of ownership with a fully cloud-based solution.

“The acquisition of Silverpop turbocharges IBM’s ability to put the customer at the center of any organization,” alleged Craig Hayman, GM, Industry Cloud Solutions, IBM.  Supplementing that – “Now, nearly any marketing, commerce or customer service professional from any business will have the ability to deliver the kinds of personalized customer experiences that make a measurable impact on the brand experience and the bottom line.”

“By engineering a solution that uniquely delivers personalization through automation, our team has solved one of the most complex challenges facing marketers today,” held Bill Nussey, CEO, Silverpop. Furthering that – “Combined with the power of IBM’s portfolio and worldwide partner ecosystem, we can advance our mission to help organizations build customer relationships one at a time on an even grander scale.”

Silverpop scales these sophisticated automation capabilities – more commonly applied in lower volume B2B scenarios – to complex B2C environments, making it easier for any kind of business to advance customers along the brand journey.

While marketers understand the importance of personalization, most struggle to achieve it beyond basic segmentation and audience definition. Silverpop solves this by automating the creation of personalized experiences based on real-time customer profiles that draw from permission-based data streams inside and outside the organization – such as social, web, email and mobile activity. This approach makes it easier for brands to improve the customer experience, increase conversions and profitability, and strengthen customer loyalty.

The procurement is expected to close in the second quarter of 2014.

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IBM all set to procure marketing solutions provider, Silverpop