Published On: Sat, Mar 8th, 2014

Flipkart Cherry – Picks Dell to set up its Data Center

Flipkart Cherry

Flipkart from its barrio has associated with Dell to ramp up its standing data center and set up a disaster recovery mechanism as chunk of its expansion plan to take in additional product categories on its website.


To confirm that the client’s prerequisites were met, Dell Professional Services employed a consultative approach through Enterprise Deployment Team (EDT) during this engagement. The team from Dell worked with Flipkart right from installation of the servers to configuration and integration with network switches. Furthermore, Dell also advised Flipkart to implement a Disaster Recovery site, thus ensuring business continuity.

 “Agility is a key business differentiator when it comes to encouraging the Indian market to shop online. With Dell, we can add hundreds of virtual machines within a couple of minutes to meet a predicted increase in traffic volume, then automatically reduce the number to ensure we maintain our energy efficiency at all times,” alleged Sumeet Ghosh, Head of Engineering, Operations and Infrastructure, Flipkart.

By means of the advantage of this positioning, Flipkart can focus on primary business without worrying about disruptions to critical processes. The deployment has facilitated the online retail outlet to scale on-demand in terms of servers and storage growth. Additionally, Flipkart was able to manage the data center remotely allowing quick power up/down. The solution would be able to preclude potential data losses and guarantee business continuity in the future.


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Flipkart Cherry – Picks Dell to set up its Data Center