Published On: Sat, May 31st, 2014

NComputing propels into action Desktop-as-a-Service Solution Intended for Service Providers


NComputing, an ace in client virtualization, has red carpeted a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution designed for Service Providers facilitating them to quickly roll-out hosted desktops as a service to small and medium businesses (SMBs) braced with lower cost plus complexity than other approaches to DaaS.

NComputing is also declaring that So-net Corporation, a member of the Sony Group (together called “So-net”), is the major service source to be able to build a DaaS solution powered courtesy;  NComputing’s vSpace desktop virtualization platform. So-net’s fresh DaaS offering for the Japanese market, entitled Virtual Desktop Service, has also gone live.

Desktop virtualization is essaying an increasingly vital role for SMBs who are from their corresponding exploring for more efficacious delivery as well as management of the corporate desktop. DaaS from its barrio takes this to the next level by way of streamlining the delivery of desktops as a service, excluding the prerequisite for IT to be able to build and manage a desktop virtualization infrastructure, while facilitating rapid provisioning, followed by simple scaling besides easy management of end user desktops.

Moreover, a Server Based Computing (SBC) model is progressively more becoming the ideal DaaS approach meant for SMBs, where simplicity and affordability are unputdownable elements. By way of empowering Service Providers to be able to build DaaS solutions founded on a SBC model as for instance the NComputing vSpace platform, SMBs can now more easily realize the benefits of desktop virtualization braced with a simple, powerful as well as affordable solution, made available as a cloud service.

So-net plump for NComputing for DaaS Offering aimed at SMB and SOHO clienteles in Japan

Fitting the niche as being the first NComputing DaaS provider, So-net has founded its offering on NComputing’s award-winning vSpace desktop virtualization platform, owing to its exclusive formula of simplicity, followed by performance as well as value. So-net is a leading Japanese service source that affords Internet connectivity, VPN, FTTH carrier services, cloud computing solutions, and system and web integration services to its business clienteles and patrons based in Japan.

So-net is powering core NComputing technologies for a comprehensive, end-to-end DaaS offering, together with, viz:

  • vSpace Server Software for virtualizing Windows apps and desktops
  • User Experience Protocol (UXP), which is but a highly optimized as well as adaptive display protocol for delivering any app to any device, for that matter.
  • vSpace Management Center aimed at backend DaaS management
  • vSpace Client Software for Windows end-points
  • NComputing L-series thin client devices

Now, So-net declared the General Availability of the NComputing-based DaaS solution in Japan. So-net’s DaaS solution empowers its patrons to easily and quickly host their desktops in the cloud. In addition, the So-net Self Care website allows IT administrators to automate the provisioning and management of those desktops. As part of a turnkey, end-to-end DaaS solution, So-net also offers a choice of fully integrated as well as pre-configured Software Clients and Hardware Thin Clients. This in  turn results in seamless, zero-touch deployments.

A case involving Low Risk as well as Low Cost DaaS Solution meant for Service Provider Delivery

NComputing’s Server Based Computing approach to DaaS makes available to service providers with an alternative to VDI-based DaaS solutions that can be exorbitant to implement besides being complex to manage. By way of basing a DaaS solution on the NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization platform, service providers can now realize faster time-to-market and afford their SMB customers with all the advantages of a cloud-based virtual desktop solution at a price which is not as much as a traditional PC. Into the bargain, NComputing is providing the first end-to-end DaaS solution for service providers, together with the full vSpace desktop virtualization software stack and both software and thin clients, delivering a turn-key, one-stop shop for the end-to-end solution.

This offers service providers a low-risk model to easily design, build and propel into action an economical DaaS service braced with minimal upfront costs and effort. Flexible pay-as-you-grow licensing coupled with the power and simplicity of the vSpace platform means that service providers can start small and align the growth of their DaaS infrastructure with the advance in their clientele base besides revenues.

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NComputing propels into action Desktop-as-a-Service Solution Intended for Service Providers